Nickie Graves


Professional Biography

Nickie Graves, founder of NurseNickie360; a health and wellness company has held multiple positions as a Registered Nurse in the healthcare space for 27 years. Her scope of practice has included: Direct Patient Care, Case Management, and Management across a health system, Patient Safety and Quality with a national certification in Infection Prevention. Currently, Nickie practices as a Clinical Application Specialist who educates Anesthesia groups using advanced technology.

She has participated on many health forums, organized community health fairs, conducted educational seminars and guided meditation for diverse groups such as: corporate groups, healthcare organizations, religious organizations and youth on a variety of topics. Nickie also offers private and group holistic education and coaching utilizing various wellness modalities including Reiki and Guided Meditation. Her love of the outdoors is fueled through hiking, short runs and moving meditations. Nickie’s passion is to empower individuals with a variety of tools so they can experience optimal health and wellness.

A Little of My Story

When I was a child my mother said I always asked “why.” I supposed most kids did as curiosity about the world around us was begging for the question of “why.” Even now as an adult I still ask questions…lots of them. As an adolescent I often wondered why of human behavior, thinking and feeling…most of all my own. I discovered in high school my love of the human body when I took an Anatomy and Physiology class. My interest in how the body was designed and functioned grew and answered questions about my own body.

After graduation while talking with a friend in between classes at college; we discussed what courses we were taking. When she said she was in nursing school and taking Anatomy the life force in me lit up like suddenly turning on all the lights in a dark room! I immediately connected Anatomy as something that excited me in high school…after that, it was as if the clarity I needed about my path was revealed in what I thought was a random conversation.

I enjoyed my nursing courses, but it wasn’t until I started clinicals that I began to truly know that I had chosen the right path for me. At the same time, I was also on a spiritual journey that knit my nursing career and my spiritual life together. I saw this connection profoundly during the early part of my career caring for cancer patients. Caring for the body, mind and spirit was essential to their treatment success.

By this time, I had experienced health issues of my own that started in childhood seemingly without a cause or a cure. Medication did not always agree with me so I began to research alternative ways to manage my symptoms. I quickly began to see how necessary it was to manage stress and care for my emotional and spiritual self. Holistically approaching my health contributed to my overall well being.

Alternative methods of healing coupled with traditional western medicine helped me achieve healing from various types of cysts, inflammation and autoimmune issues. It took years of trying different supplements, detoxes, eating plans and prayers to understand what worked for me. My body used to be covered with psoriasis during the first few years I lived in Tulsa, OK. Unfortunately, I would get some of the most insensitive comments about my skin; I even experienced a mother pulling her child away from me, she thought I was contagious. It was during a conference that I experienced a release of an emotional hurt that resulted in a spontaneous clearing of the psoriasis. I literally woke up the next day and my skin was completely clear. From then on the connection between body, mind and spirit had become my life’s work. I had become my own research. My own personal health journey continues as there is always more to learn.

As time went on I would often share what I had experienced and learned with others. Whether that was organizing health fairs, presenting holistic health education to various groups, participating on health forums or coaching privately with friends, family and clients. I also incorporate Reiki, a form of relaxation using energy that promotes healing and guided meditation into my sessions. My desire and purpose for NurseNickie360 is to assist people to identify practices that help them experience optimal health and wellness using a variety of modalities.