Lunch and Learns

• How to identify signs of caregiver burnout
• Learn self-care techniques to relieve stress associated with caregiving
• Connect with resources designed for caregivers

• How to prepare for a medical visit prior to arrival
• Tools to decrease frustration in the waiting room
• Identify barriers to a great medical visit
• Tips on how to communicate with the Medical Practitioner

• Improve the quality of the hospital visit for you or a loved one
• Learn tips that will decrease anxiety prior to your visit
• How to gather important information that will minimize “unknowns” during your stay
• How to use technology before and during your visit to help navigate healthcare facilities

• How to identify barriers to healthcare for men
• What are the symptoms of “male menopause” and breast health for men
• What questions to ask your physician
• What you need to share with your physician to optimize your health

• How symptoms of heart disease/attack present differently in men and women
• Identify non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors of heart disease
• What you can do about the modifiable risk factors
• Why it’s important to know your numbers

• Discuss when, how or if you should disclose an illness
• How to feel your best at work
• Preparing when you have to be off from work related to illness


Guided Meditation
Guided meditation for any level: come relax your mind and body, learn a variety of meditation styles and techniques to begin or enhance your current meditation practice